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Jounouchi Katsuya
11 September 2009 @ 01:19 am
[Having not paid any attention to the network, Jounouchi decides to take a stroll into the creepy fog because he needs to go find a few things. The moment he steps outside he kind of regrets it because the fog is very creepy and everything is just a little too quiet. What better way to comfort yourself than by taking out your communicator and making a post.]

Man, I'm really gettin' the creeps out here...

[Suddenly he is very disoriented. He hasn't been here long, but he knows this isn't where he meant to go. In fact, it was the opposite direction. Hello graveyard. Hello dead animal carcass. Cue freak out.]

Woooaaah! Oh God -- the hell is that?!

[Gulp.] I... suddenly feel very sick.

...talk about new meanin' to "monster graveyard."

[Badum-chh. End transmission.]

[ooc | doing this now while I'm thinking about it but pretend it's later this morning.]
Current Location: Graveyard
Jounouchi Katsuya
17 August 2009 @ 04:39 pm
[The transmission turns on when Jounouchi finally figures out the stupid contraption he's holding in his hand. It said "use this" so why the hell not?]

...The hell? This ain't Alcatraz. I think. 's not even close to lookin' like a duel tower anyway--

Yo, Malik, the hell are you, ya bastard?! The duel ain't over! ...I think. What even happened? I... remember Ra... summoning Gearfried... Then... Did I win?!

[He sounds confused because he definitely isn't in any pain now, but excited because HOLY CRAP IF HE WON HE COULD FINALLY SHOW THAT BASTARD KAIBA'S WHO'S WHO. But to more important matters at hand.]

Oi, Kaiba! If this is another one of your stupid "virtual worlds" I'm gonna kick your rich ass when I get out! This ain't funny! An' I ain't wearin' another caveman outfit, y'hear? That was damn embarrassing... An' hey! Yugi! If y'can hear me, where are ya, man?! I mean, y'gotta be around here somewhere!

[End transmission.]
Current Location: Graveyard
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